Pack of 6 BumbleBeez


Choose any combination of Colours, or choose the gorgeous white, each nappy comes with one BumbleBeez insert. We have found that the 4 layers of cotton/bamboo/bamboo/cotton in the insert is the most absorbent combination, and is also great for drawing moisture away from baby's skin.  Wash the inserts at least 2-3 times before use to achieve ultimate absorbency. 

Colors available are White, Red, Deep Blue, Orange, Purple, Peach, Yellow, Pale Blue, Hot Pink, Mid Blue and Green.

We recommended using a nappy liner to help dispose of solids. We are working on a bamboo liner which is fully flushable, and hope to bring this to the range soon.


If you have selected Multicolored, please write in the which colors you would like in the order notes box on the check-out page. If non is selected, we will send you random colors.